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Hadoop Spark Training Institutes in Bangalore

Hadoop Spark Training in Bangalore & Best Hadoop Spark Training Institutes in Bangalore

About Hadoop Spark Training in Bangalore

MyClass Training Bangalore is a Leading Hadoop Spark Training institute in Bangalore providing Real-Time and Placement Oriented Hadoop Spark Training Courses. Our Training Institutes are mainly focused on introducing new methods of Learning by making it Interesting and Motivating. Our Hadoop Spark Training Centres spans across all major locations in Bangalore. We provide range of Career oriented courses for different segments like students, job seekers and corporate users. 

MyClass Training Institute has distinguished itself as the leading Hadoop Spark Training Institutes in Bangalore. Our Hadoop Spark Consultants or Trainers are highly qualified and experienced working professionals with minimum of 6 Years of hands on real time expertise to deliver high-quality Hadoop Spark Training across Bangalore. Our Hadoop Spark training course includes basic to advanced level. 

Our team of Expert Trainers have designed Hadoop Spark training course content and syllabus as per the current Industry Requirements. This enables our Students to be an Industry-Ready Professionals, capable of handling majority of the real-world Scenario Hadoop Spark after Successful completion of the Course.  

We Provide Exclusive Course Materials, Interview Questions, Real Time Project Scenario on Hadoop Spark Training which will give our students an edge over other Training Institutes. You can Experience Real-time training in our well equipped labs to excel in Hadoop Spark course. Through our associate Training Institutes we have trained more than 800+ Students in Hadoop Spark Training. We Provide day time classes, weekend training classes, evening batch classes and fast track training classes for Hadoop Spark Training. Our Hadoop Spark Training course fee is very economical and tailor made as per Student Requirement.

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Hadoop Spark Training Course Content

Apache Spark Course Content in Bangalore

1.Dive into Scala

1.What is Scala

2.Setup and configuration of Scala

3.Develop and run basic Scala Programs

4.Scala operations

5.Functions and procedures in Scala

6.Different Scala APIs for common operations

7.Loops and collections Array, Map, Lists, Tuples

8.Pattern matching for advanced operations

9.Eclipse with Scala

2.Object Oriented and Functional Programming

1.Introduction to object oriented programming

2.Different oops concepts

3.Constructor, getter, setter, singleton, overloading and overriding

4.Nested Classes, Visibility Rules

5.Functional Structures

6.Functional programming constructs

7.Call by Name, Call by Value

3.Big Data and need for Spark

1.Introduction to Big Data

2.Challenges with old Big Data solutions

3.Batch vs Real time vs in-Memory processing

4.MapReduce and its limitations

5.Apache Storm and its limitations

6.Need for general purpose solution – Apache Spark

7.Introduction to Apache Spark

8.Internals of architecture and design principles

9.Apache Spark features and characteristics

10.Spark Eco-system components and their insights

4.Deploy Spark

1.Setup Environment

2.Install and configure prerequisites

3.Installation of Spark in local mode

4.Installation of Spark in standalone mode

5.Installation of Spark in YARN mode

6.Installation and configuration of Spark on a real cluster

7.Best practices for Spark deployment

5.Demystify Apache Spark

1.Work on Spark shell

2.Execute Scala and Java statement in shell

3.Understand SparkContext and driver

4.Read data from local file-system and HDFS

5.Cache the data in memory for further use

6.Distributed persistence

7.Handle stream with Spark streaming

8.Testing and troubleshooting

6.Basic Abstraction RDDs

1.What is Spark RDDs

2.How RDDs make Spark a feature rich framework

3.Transformations, action and persistence

4.Lazy operations and fault tolerance

5.Load data and create RDD

6.Persist RDD in memory or disk

7.Pair operations and key-value

8.Spark Hadoop Integration


7.Spark streaming and MLlib

1.Need for stream analytics

2.Comparison with Storm and S4

3.Real time data processing using streaming

4.Fault tolerance and check pointing

5.Stateful Stream Processing

6.DStream and window operations

7.Spark Stream execution flow

8.Connection to various source systems

9.Performance optimizations in Spark

10.Need for machine learning

11.Introduction to machine learning

12.Various Spark libraries

13.Algorithms for clustering, statistical analytics, classification etc

8.Spark-SQL and GraphX

1.What is Spark SQL

2.Features and Data flow

3.Spark SQL architecture and components

4.Hive and Spark together

5.Data frames and loading data

6.Hive Queries through Spark

7.Various DDL and DML operations

8.Performance tuning

9.Introduction to Graph

10.Need for different graph processing engine

11.Graph handling using Spark

12.Real Life Spark Project

Hadoop Spark Training Duration in Bangalore

Regular Classes( Morning, Day time & Evening)
  • Duration : 30 Days
Weekend Training Classes( Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)
  • Duration : 8 Weeks
Fast Track Training Program( 5+ hours daily)
  • Duration : Within 10 days

Hadoop Spark Trainer Profile

Our Hadoop Spark Trainers in our MyClass Training Bangalore Center
  • Has more than 8 Years of Experience.
  • Has worked on 3 realtime Hadoop Spark projects
  • Is Working in a MNC company in Bangalore
  • Already trained 60+ Students so far.
  • Has strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge

Hadoop Spark Placements in Bangalore

Hadoop Spark Placement through MyClass Training Bangalore Center
  • More than 500+ students Trained
  • 87% percent Placement Record
  • 427 Interviews Organized
  • Hadoop Spark training in Multiple Locations across Bangalore

MyClass Advantage

  • Real Time Trainers
  • 100% Placement
  • Small Training Batch
  • Flexible Timings
  • Excellent Lab Facility
  • Practical Guidance
  • Hands on Experience
  • Certification Support
  •   Multiple Training Locations

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